Direct Cremation means that the remains are cremated AS SOON AS POSSIBLE after death has occurred. Viewing, ceremonies, rites, services, procession to the crematory, etc., are not part of the Direct Cremation charges and you are not being charged for those services.

Direct Cremation with Memorial Service is when a Direct Cremation is scheduled and a Memorial Service for the deceased is arranged and directed by the funeral home. The cremains may or may not be present at the service, depending on the family’s wishes.

Indirect Cremation is a term used by our funeral home for an alternative type of service designed to fill a need requested by some families. It is also referred to as A Rental Casket Service or A Funeral Service with Viewing and Cremation to Follow by some funeral homes. Indirect Cremation means that the remains are embalmed, dressed and prepared so that visitation and a funeral service can be made possible for the family and friends of the deceased. The funeral home Rental Casket (Veneer Oak Casket with Cream Crepe Interior) can be rented for the visitation and service, or the family can furnish a wooden casket. After the service the remains are cremated in a Cremation Container (Cardboard Box) furnished by the funeral home or in a wooden casket or alternative container furnished by the family. NOTE: Our Crematory DOES NOT accept metal caskets.

Immediate Burial means the body is taken AS SOON AS POSSIBLE after the death has occurred to the cemetery for burial. Viewing, ceremonies, rites, services, procession to the cemetery, etc., are not a part of Immediate Burial and you are not being charged for those services. The container we provide for Immediate Burial is a 20 Gauge Steel Non-Gasketed Casket. The family may furnish a Casket or they can purchase a casket from the funeral home’s Casket Price List. Some cemeteries may allow an Alternative Container to encase the body, which can be made of materials like fiberboard or composition materials with or without an outside covering (such as cloth covering). However, the Alternative Container MUST meet the cemetery’s approval.

Embalming IS NOT required by law. Embalming is necessary, however, if you select certain funeral arrangements, such as a funeral with viewing. If you do not want embalming, you usually have the right to choose an arrangement that does not require you to pay for it, such as Direct Cremation or Immediate Burial. It is Chapel Of The Pines policy that there will be no viewing of an unembalmed body. An unembalmed body must be encased in a container which insures against seepage of fluid and escape of offensive odor. [Article 4582b, § 1 (S), VTCS]

In almost every case a cemetery will have charges for the preparation of the grave, equipment, container setting fees, etc. Some cemeteries will also have fees for Association Dues, dirt removal, etc.

It is Chapel Of The Pines policy that ALL unembalmed bodies be placed in refrigeration to prevent rapid deterioration of the body after death.

Package Pricing
Basic cremation Houston package price. It is a Federal requirement we make an itemized General Price List (GPL) available – Texas GPL. Access regulatory information and consumer guide.

Medical Examiner
If your loved one is in the care of the Medical Examiner, we will assist you through the process of transferring your loved one into our care. The first step is to have the Next of Kin (or appointed agent that is on record with the Medical Examiner) complete the appropriate county release. Once the release is faxed back to Chapel of the Pines, we will coordinate with the Medical Examiner. You will pay the Medical Examiner fee for the “Authority To Cremate/Waiver” to Chapel of the Pines and we will then pay it on your behalf. When your loved one is ready to be released, we will provide the release to the Medical Examiner and take your loved one into our care.